What is an Armeinius Community Event?



Armeinius could not be supported without the support of the community. An Armeinius Community Event is an event that is hosted at a local venue instead of a private one such as a bar, restaurant, or business. This means an establishment grants Armeinius the ability to collect a door cover charge or donation and the proceeds from a production or show put on or donated to the krewe. This increased patronage from a crowd that is likely to buy from the venue. This helps local supporters of the Krewe along with assists with our yearly fundraising efforts. Make sure to check out the next Armeinius Community event and be prepared for a fun time.

Bar Events



Have we ever told you that we love you? Sponsor us and you will hear us say it repeatedly. Get a banner on the site and a mention from the podium on the day of the show plus FOUR tickets. A great bargain any way you slice it